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Reclaim your power and let the world be awestruck by the new you- 9 tried and tested ways

Reclaim your Power and let the world be awestruck by the new you : 9 tried and tested ways

“You can reclaim your power by loving what you were once taught to hate.” Amidst the heap of what others think about you, you somewhere tend to lose your power, your aura in the process of impressing the world. Also, at times you lose it due to inappropriate behaviour, preconceived notions and so on.

Power does not mean how strong you are physically, how you can control people with it, power signifies your emotional strength, your mental fitness to face life and to be with people who energises and rejuvenates you. Remember that you are powerful, you are what you think you are, and the external judgements and criticism are not necessary always.


Spread your wings, explore the world, mix with people and fly high because you were born to touch the zenith! Shed the previous self, gain more confidence and be happier and see how the head turns at you.

Do not Limit Your Thoughts and Beliefs

  1. DO NOT LIMIT YOUR THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS – when you start reacting or judging a situation or a person from your limited knowledge, you are actually not doing justice to anyone, not even to yourself. In life, many people teach us many things, but which one will you absorb, and which one will you discard depends completely on you. Do not follow what others tell you to follow, instead, create your own judgement through proper vision.

The past should not hurt you anymore


2. THE PAST SHOULD NOT HURT YOU ANYMORE – Our past incidences tend to hurt us a lot, lower our self-esteem and self-confidence. But is it so important that you will destroy your present for it? Learn from your past and move on, regain your spirit, your courage and never lose hope. Your past cannot destroy you, but you can definitely destroy it and move towards a healthier and more meaningful life!



3. FORGIVE – When you forgive someone for their mistakes, it makes you the bigger and better person. Through forgiveness you find mental peace, you become more mature and you reclaim your power through it. Not only forgive others but also forgive yourself for all those poor decisions, failures, judgements and so on. Once you forgive, you practice self-love which is so much essential to get back your power, your internal happiness.



4. DO NOT COMPROMISE ON YOUR GROWTH – Your constant growth throughout your life is what you wish for, isn’t it? You grow mentally, emotionally, professionally and become a better person at home and at work too. Any kind of hindrance on this path should not be entertained because it can increase your negativity and will not make space for the positive things. Even if your toxic relationship does not let your grow in life, you should let it go no matter how hard it becomes. Toxicity will not take you anywhere other than self-doubt, lack of confidence and a stagnant life. Welcome those who will help you to rise in life, which will in turn, raise your power.


Set Daily Goals

5. SET DAILY GOALS – Never wake up in the morning and feel that you have nothing to do throughout the day. This is the most negative thought you can have, and it will lead to loss of power. Start your day with positivity, with new set of goals, with new aspirations, dream and strength to fulfil them. You must intend to do something fruitful every day and that does not mean you need to do your office work or submit all your works. You can have a goal of improving your physical fitness or completing your household chores and never forget to find a purpose in your life. Set a mission, no matter how big or small it is and do whatever is needed to do to complete that mission!


Experiment Sometimes

6. EXPERIMENT SOMETIMES – tired of following the everyday routine? Why not experiment with a new set of works, a new routine for some time? Sometimes all we need is a change in our everyday life because we are bored of the same work, same food, same tasks. Do something new that will accelerate your energy and will also give you the strength to hustle harder daily. In the process of experimenting, you may find new versions of yourself, you may even unravel the unknown strengths and even weaknesses of yours. Knowing yourself the best is needed to reclaim your power and to introduce this new version to the world as well.


Trust your abilities when others Question them

7. TRUST YOUR ABILITIES WHEN OTHERS QUESTION THEM – Each of us is unique in our own ways, we have different abilities, skills, strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes us different from the other. At times we fail to convince others about our abilities, and they may question them, which may in turn lead to low self-esteem and self-doubt. However, do you know that you know yourself the best? Trust your inner power, inner talent and work on them so that one day others also welcome and appreciate them. You may fail but stand up and move on with the same enthusiasm every time.


Have time for Meditation and visualisation

8. HAVE TIME FOR MEDITATION AND VISUALISATION – through meditation you can connect with your inner self, and through visualisation, you can witness the future that you crave for. Interact with the deep corners of your mind and find out what you actually want, where you really want to see yourself, what is the path you would like to choose for it. Slowly but steadily when you start getting your answers, you will feel more powerful from inside, you will regain confidence and shine bright!


Travel can Heal

9. TRAVEL CAN HEAL – can you name anyone who does not like to travel and explore new places? I guess the number is very less. Most of us enjoy travelling and it gives us peace and also an escape from the daily hassles of life. When the mind is calm, you know yourself more, you can think appropriately, and all the mental blocks will vanish slowly. Meet the new energetic, mature, happy individual that you will become and let everyone guess the secret behind it!

Walk through your fear, leave the comfort zone, let your past stay in the past and embrace the present, embrace yourself.

Rise and shine forever!

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