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What's so magical about this Program?

This program starts at 5:30 AM. This time is called the Brahma Muhurta. It is believed that any task undertaken in this time is sure to succeed! The Elites call this by another name “The 5 AM Club”

Does getting up every day at 5 AM Guarantee you Success?

Just getting up at 5 AM won’t be enough, there is a process and series of techniques that can help you super-charge yourself to become more productive and attract opportunities for success. In this program, we will cover everything from A to Z.

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Features Of This Program

Daily LIVE POWER MORNINGS sessions via Zoom (Except Weekends)
Interactive sessions DAILY (Monday to Saturday) 5:30 AM - 7:00 AM (1.5 Hours)
A total of 4.5 Hours of sessions for 3 days

Benefits Of Waking Up early

Although we already know the benefits of waking up early, but unfortunately we do not make the most of it. By keeping these things in our mind, we have created this program where we make sure that you get all the benefits of it and achieve success in your life.

Higher Productivity Level

Getting up early increases your productivity level. It boosts your energy and confidence that will stay with you all day.

Boosts Your Will Power

Your will power is at the highest level in the morning. It decreases over the courses of the day. So make the most of it by waking up early

Self Discipline

Many people struggle with this. Self discipline is very important if you want to achieve something in your life. Waking up early helps you to do that.

Helps You To Focus

In the morning time, your mind is very silent and there are no negative thoughts. This helps you to focus on the tasks which you actually want to perform.

You Have More Time

We always complaint to not having time. Sometime it's about mismanagement also. Waking up early helps to you to get you more time.

You Have A Better Sleep

Waking up early also helps you to change your sleep pattern and you sleep well and relaxed, and better sleeps keeps you healthy.

Are you ready to Create Your Success Story?

What Transformation Awaits you?

Read this before Going Any Further

People struggle to find the correct way to Productive Growth and success in their lives due to only 3 basic reasons;  

  1. Lack of knowledge and proper guidance on how to do something correctly, 

  2. They fail to be consistent and motivated in their efforts,

  3. They hang out with the wrong crowd that depletes their energies.

Our ONLY intention to start this movement of “Productive Revolution”, is to help people find the Hidden GEMS inside them. We intend to continue to provide new members with the same powerful sessions we have been providing to the members in the past and that is:

Daily Guided Sessions

Proper daily personally guided sessions with the right techniques that rewire your life

Stay Motivated

Tools to stay consistent and motivated (Including HIGH vibrational sessions)

Group Of Motivated People

A family of supportive, like minded, high energy people (The right crowd)

What is Productivity Revolution?

Productivity Revolution is a unique program that is developed to help you go through the transformation process of pulling up your energies in a way that results into an accelerated growth and magnetic success for you.

Waking up early not just gives a productive start to your day but also helps you attract success in your life.

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This will change your life forever!

5 AM is an auspicious time. The Universe is full of powerful subtle energies at this time. Access these positive energies through our unique meditation techniques.  Energize your body and learn techniques to become successful in life. 

We won’t just teach you how to manifest success. That can be done through a simple Google Search, but we will teach you how to find purpose in life, make your productivity surge off the charts and create a successful life for yourself!  

Don't you wish to learn the Secret to Success?

In this Program you will learn :

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Is this your life situation
Right Now?

Learn how to become a Productivity Powerhouse

Meet The Trainers

Dr. Vijeta Sahay is a Personal Growth Catalyst. 

Vijeta is compassionate being with strong determination. Her approach towards Life is full of faith & positivity. The thought of influencing the lives of people around embarked the “New Journey”. Connecting with Individuals, understanding them in depth, and being sensitive to their emotions is the core of Vijeta.

Vijeta believes and practices the “3D’s Principle: single-minded Devotion, strong Determination and Dedication” pave the ways for all success in life. With her experience she wants to influence and impact the lives of many people around and continue do her bit towards the society and make this world a better place to live in. She practices and believes that meditation is the best way to meet the “You inside you”.  

Seema Bhutada is a Purposepreneur Alchemist

She is an entrepreneur (with 18 years of business experience), wife of a loving husband, mother to 2 amazing sons, a coach, and a lifelong learner, who is on a personal mastery/learning spree since the year 2014.

On this journey of personal growth and self-discovery, she discovered her true calling – A desire to empower individuals with essential life skills,  which would help them transform their lives and be their best version to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life. She learnt from world-class trainers and became passionate about sharing my knowledge further. There was then no looking back.

She is an internationally certified ‘Life Transformation Coach’ and founder of ‘Rise To Thrive’.

"Our Prime and Only objective is - Your Growth and Success!"

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Productive Versus Unproductive Thinking

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Be the Victor Series , 11 Day Audio Series

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The Five Minute Guide to Developing a Successful Mindset

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Do you want Magnetic success in your life?

Are you ready to live a Productive and Magnetic Life?

Do you want Accelerated Growth in your Professional journey ?

Do you want to live a Purposeful and a Meaningful Life ?

Still thinking? INR 199 is less than the cost of a small-sized pizza!

This Investment is in Yourself,

It’s not an EXPENSE but a valuable EXPERIENCE

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a course with Live sessions, Assignments and Handholding.

You get access to the course details through us after you sign up for it.

Anytime before 5:30 am with your fresh face. We wake up at 5 am. So, we all can start together.

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Developing a good habit is easy if done with like minded people. We are sure you won’t regret joining this workshop. It is a Transcendental Program that will change your life forever!  This is a unique program which you won’t find anywhere else!

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