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Your victory starts with your career. What you do in life is very important but what you do in your career determines your success!

Hello, I am Dr Vijeta Sahay. Over the past 18 years of my career as an HR Professional, I have learned how people grow in the organization and achieve amazing compensation increments and promotions to the next level. I am here to share with you the path to achieving Accelerated Career Growth!

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Dreams to turn into reality. I owe Vijeta for this nice program as this has helped me to think and implement. The Community and handholding sessions are amazing. It pushes you each day. Motivation and momentum is what you need in this journey when you are stepping to start new. We fall, fail, get up and start again. The journey was made easy with friends who are now more than family now . Thank You Dr. Vijeta from bottom of my heart !!
Neeta Sharma
Educationalist turned Entrepreneur
Words are less to express my Gratitude to the Trainer Dr. Vijeta. The Program is one stop collection of all the techniques to become a confident you . The program helped me improve each day and I was recognized as “Best Employee of the Month”. My sales team appreciated my presentation delivery in front of the Board and they all were amazed. Its said hard work pays and the right mentor is who shows you the right direction and uplifts you
Naveen Srivastav
Sales head- North Zone
Each skill you have can be crafted in a business if you are ready to work on the plan, prepare and follow the steps” I remember Vijeta’s words. I am not much educated and only knew how to paint and work with clay. Encouragement and push has been there soo much each day that when we sleep , passion wakes me up and I start again, I complete my orders before time. My work is being liked by outside India customers and I am working day and night now to master my craft more and more.
Housewife turned Global Queen
I think the training session on Power Personality by Dr. Vijeta was fantastic. We learned techniques for voice articulation when giving presentations in a loud convention or when presenting at a different stage or setting. This information will come in very handy in our field! All the techniques were delivered with such authenticity that it was much easier to start implementing them and improving each day.
Shivani L
IT Professional
About Dr. Vijeta Sahay

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Dr. Vijeta Sahay

helping you accelerate your inner core, boost your growth and become a victor (winner) in life !!

About Me

Dr. Vijeta Sahay, Professional Growth Catalyst , helps you accelerate your inner core, boost your growth and become a victor (winner) in life !! Rise & Shine !!

She inspires people to grow beyond the limits , being happy with self and channalise the change through internal transformation.

The thought of influencing and transforming the lives of people embarked the “New Journey” and she followed her passion to be a Personal Growth Catalyst . She believes in touching lives of people and making a positive impact.

Vijeta trusts universal energy & understands how to work through positivity to usher sustainable growth and transformation in individuals. She strongly believes being successful is a mindset that can be achieved by conscious living. She empowers individuals across and helps them become the best version of Self and be a -Victor (Winner).

Here are a few of My Blogs. Hope you will enjoy reading them.

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