About Me

Dr. Vijeta Sahay, Personal Growth Catalyst, helps you accelerate your inner core, boost your growth and become a victor (winner) in life !! Rise & Shine !!

She inspires people to  grow beyond the limits , being happy with self and channalise the change through internal transformation.

The thought of influencing and transforming the lives of people embarked the “New Journey” and she followed her passion to be a Personal Growth Catalyst . She believes in touching lives of people and making a positive impact. Vijeta trusts universe energies & understands how to work through positivity to usher sustainable growth and transformation in individuals. She strongly believes being successful is a mindset that can be achieved by conscious living. She empowers individuals across and helps them become the best version of Self and be a -Victor (Winner)

With 17 + years experience at various Leadership roles in the Human resources function Dr. Vijeta brings lots of insights from corporate MNC’s and various industry domains.

The transformation process is by using many proven techniques and methods and slowly ensuring that they become the part of you .

Currently Dr. Vijeta works in the following areas:

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