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How to take advantage of law of attraction for self improvement-11 tried and tested ways

How to take advantage of law of attraction for self improvement : 11 tried and tested ways

In life we are constantly exposed to struggles, hurdles, and challenges, and here lies the need for self-improvement for better performance and healthier living. An emerging and popular concept – the law of attraction believes in giving importance to yourself and your thoughts because everything starts and ends with YOU! Here, explore the variety of ways in which you can take advantage of this concept and begin your journey towards self-improvement.

It starts with you

1. IT STARTS WITH YOU – it is said if you think you can then you are halfway there! You need to believe in yourself, believe in what you can do and what are your strengths as well as weakness. Trust me, you know yourself the best so begin some introspection now! It is your duty to believe in your dreams and not only see a dream with your eyes closed. Have a clear understanding of yourself and what you want. When you are clear with yourself, what else can stop you? Not only see a dream but also implement the necessary actions which will take you towards your goal.

2. TAKE INSPIRATION FROM THE POSITIVE PEOPLE – sometimes we fail to convince ourselves and as a result of it, we drop the plan. However, that should not be the situation, instead, let the positive people inspire you. These people can be your family, friend, colleague or even someone whom you have seen on social media and his or her speeches inspire you. When you pour positivity inside you, the outcome is bound to be beautiful. It is okay to feel low, but it is not okay to remain in that phase continuously.


3. VISUALIZE THE BIGGER PICTURE – A positive visualization inside your mind can lead you to the highest peak of success and joy! When you try to get a visual image of your goals, your future plans and your moments of joy after achieving those, you become more focused towards your mission. You crave for that joy, that moment of absolute peace when you have already visualized those in your mind. Our imagination power is very strong, and it can never lie, hence have faith in it and work towards achieving the best!


4. REMEMBER TO SOCIALIZE, MOST IMPORTANTLY WITH THE OPTIMISTIC INDIVIDUALS – We all love to mix with various kinds of people and while some become the part of our lives, a few can lead you to the absolute world of negativity. When you feel good about yourself, you can spread positivity around you, and you will get more attracted to those who believe in themselves and carry a positive vibe with them. If your closed group comprises of people who encourage you, who push you towards your goal, who believes in you when the world fails to do so, you will witness a boost of confidence within yourself!


5. “ONCE YOU MAKE A DECISION, THE UNIVERSE CONSPIRES TO MAKE IT HAPPEN” – you can expect to get the support of the universe when you know your path and when you believe in what you decide for yourself. You cannot achieve your goals in one day, but you can definitely come closer to it with each day’s hard work and dedication. It will all join to give you the ultimate outcome, which shall be beautiful and precious! Hustle hard every day, make sure to have a clear idea about your next step and also make sure that this step takes you forward!

What you are looking for is already within you

6. WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS ALREADY WITHIN YOU – Take a careful look inside yourself, see what is there and you can do this successfully with the help of meditation. Meditation helps you to calm down your mind and make things clearer for you. Loads of negative thoughts can be found there but it is your duty to clean them and fill the space with positivity. Train your mind to focus every day, to avoid negative thoughts and nourish you with the showers of optimism. Speak to your inner self, build a connection with it and see how things change for better!

Be grateful for what you have

7.  BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE – You may not be blessed with the best life, best food and all the luxuries but do you find happiness in what you already have? Learn to be grateful to all the people around you, thank them for their positive impact in your life, be proud of yourself for doing your best and overall, be grateful to life. When you start sending positive vibes to the world, you get back more in return. Spread love, spread happiness because that is the key to your own happiness.

When you shine you take others to shine with you

8. WHEN YOU SHINE, YOU TAKE OTHERS TO SHINE WITH YOU – You don’t need any external factor or being to motivate yourself, you just need yourself. Longing for a miracle to happen is not the way, instead work towards creating a miracle. This miracle will motivate others to walk on that unpopular path, to shine and feel the difference! When things do not go your way, embrace yourself and say, everything is going to be fine soon, you should not lose hope and miss the sparkle!

Unravel the Magic within yourself

9. UNRAVEL THE MAGIC WITHIN YOURSELF – Your journey towards self-improvement will be easier when you will know about the hidden magical powers inside you. You are the creator of multiple vibrations; you can send the positive vibes out in the world or cover in with the clouds of negativity. Take your steps wisely, so that you do not misuse the magic which has the ability to turn the world into a better place!

Your fear can no longer stop you

10. YOUR FEAR CAN NO LONGER STOP YOU – If something holds you back, it is your fear – fear of failure, fear to face the outside world, fear to hear the criticism and judgements by other people. But, ask yourself one question. Which is vital and impactful? Your fear or your ability to overcome it and be positive. I hope you have chosen the latter and if you have done that, you know the next step, isn’t it?

Your success can wait be Humble first

11. YOUR SUCCESS CAN WAIT, BE HUMBLE FIRST – Which kind of person would you like? A successful yet disrespectful person, or an ordinary individual with a good heart? Your choice will tell you what you also should become for yourself and the world. I believe, nothing can beat being empathetic, kind, loving and respectful!

Let the law of attraction introduce you to a better version of yourself !

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