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3 Powerful Tips to Leverage LinkedIn to Get Sales

The Age of the Seller has gone, we exist in the Age of the Customer. This means we cannot simply “do as we like”, we need to understand the customers before doing anything.

Salesmen are out of jobs, or they will soon be jobless! Businesses are collecting data, analyzing the data, leveraging the insights, and coming up with phenomenal products. This entire process is now happening ONLINE!
There’s no platform better than LinkedIn for Businesses?

The entire sales prospecting process has transformed. Buyers are currently self-qualifying themselves, and instead qualifying sellers they decide to meet with. It’s most likely that a customer who has contacted you would have certainly contacted your competitor too!

75% of B2B purchasers use online media to decide on their purchasing choices.

50% of B2B purchasers use LinkedIn to decide on their purchasing choices.

90% of C-level leaders say they never answer to cold pitches or cold messages.

The trends have changed drastically and they continue to change as we speak. Here’s what you need to know if you wish to market on LinkedIn.

1. Create a Strong Professional Brand
Whether you are an individual or a business, you need to become an active participant on LinkedIn and keep posting quality content that adds value to your connections. If you have attended my LinkedIn Impact Profile Blueprint Program, you must be pretty clear on this step

2. Share content which your prospective client will find valuable
Don’t share content as per your whims. If you share content then you would surely want it to reach more people. Share industry publications, the latest news related to the sector, and most importantly – ask and share an important or intriguing question that compels them to engage with you over LinkedIn.

3. Build relationships and Sell Solutions, Not Products!
Most people talk about their business and their products! There’s no customer in their entire rant. Selling is more emotional rather than transactional. Customers want to associate with businesses and nurture relationships based on trust. It’s not as simple as simply “Saying Hi”.
The process of selling is more subtle and indirect, it’s more about building relationships rather than clearing your stock!


Hope these steps must help you in your LinkedIn journey.
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