Dr Vijeta Sahay

5 Out-of-the-box LinkedIn Techniques

LinkedIn is just another platform like Facebook and Instagram. It is updating its algorithm from time to time. Yet, there are some exciting things that you must follow which make LinkedIn different.

1. Leverage Videos
Videos are bound to perform better than images in terms of reach, this will tank your conversion because LinkedIn is not a video platform. However, a catch video that grabs attention in the beginning and has a solid message to the audience. This will surge your engagement magically.

2. Study your insights
Study your existing posts and understand their metrics, what worked well and what didn’t. Do more of what’s working keep studying your insights to perform better consistently.

3. Collaborate with Others
yeah, collaborations are not just for Instagram and Facebook. While collaborating, ensure you partner with brands that complement your brand and not substitute what you’re offering.

4. Start and build meaningful conversations.
The power of a conversation cannot be underestimated. Do not be direct while conversing with a potential client, simply ask a powerful question that will complete a reply from them. Move on to developing the conversation naturally and finally hitting them with what you offer. Subtly ask them if they would be interested in something like this. Always offer a free demo or trial to encourage higher conversion.

5. Interact! Engage ! Inspire!
This sums up the entire scope of LinkedIn. Interact with people. Engage them on the platform and finally inspire people with your own unique message. Even if you share something worth reading for your connections, a quick glance at your profile will reveal a lot about yourself. So, be authentic and add value to others.


Hope these steps must help you in your LinkedIn journey.
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