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Looking for a job? Read This and Land A Job Easily

Hey!! Looking for a job? Ever used LinkedIn? Read below how this professional platform works.

My 21-year-old friend who was studying in college once told me about this. She was studying for her exams and was tense about it. Not only this, on asking her about it, she told me that she had to submit her client’s work before the deadline. I wasn’t aware of these terms and asked her about them. And from that day my LINKEDIN journey began.

LinkedIn is one of the world’s biggest online professional platforms or networks on the internet. It was founded on the 28th of December in the year 2002 and was launched on the 5th of May 2003.

LinkedIn is considered to be one of the best platforms to connect and meet with students, working professionals, CEOs ..etc. from all over the world. In LinkedIn, we can connect with different people and also with people which are related to our profile and are interesting areas.

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This platform is used to display your resume, interact with people, search for jobs, and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates. LinkedIn greatly helps you to grow and maintain a professional network. The reports of 2020 say that more than 720 million people use LinkedIn to grow their careers and businesses.
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All you need is a LinkedIn account. So, start by creating a LinkedIn login. Here if you want you can use the paid version that is the premium version of LinkedIn or the free version. It’s a professional area so you need to add your resume details, contact details, your profile picture, your blogs, your projects, etc. Your profile helps to showcase to others your talents, milestones, your achievements, your skills, and interests.

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Then start by building your network as your network plays a very important part that is Once you complete giving these details then look for a connection. You have to send connection requests for requests to professions of your area of interest or anybody with whom you want to connect. Slowly people start sending you connection requests. To show who you are you have to regularly update your connections by writing blog posts you half do react to their post as well and also you have to comment to build connections.

Who should be joining LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is everybody’s platform. For anyone who is looking for a job, or to advance their career, or if you are searching for people to work in your companies or just for you then you have got the right place. This includes people from various professional backgrounds, such as small business owners, students, and job seekers.

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1. LinkedIn Starts With an Algorithm :

Just like Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media network, LinkedIn also uses an algorithm that’s updated so that it can provide users with what it determines to be the best experience possible.

When you open LinkedIn you find that your feed is filled with a stream of content just like the feed-in Facebook or Instagram but before it arrives in your profile and goes to filters that are checked by a computer bot.

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2. Engaging with the LinkedIn Content :

The moment you refresh your feed and new content appears, in your feed you can engage with it by giving it to like you can comment or share it as well.

On the other hand, if you don’t like the content and feel that its violating certain rules. You can report it as spam and hide it.

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3. Algorithm Still Relies on Humans :

In addition to LinkedIn’s computer filters, humans also weigh in on the content. They might allow the content to not appear in users’ feeds or they may allow the content to get a boost so that it appears in a greater number of user feeds. It all depends on the engagement.

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1. Does LinkedIn Help Raise Your Professional Profile?

Use your LinkedIn profile to build your professional image. Share articles that you find are interesting, knowledgeable and relatable, and helpful, and comment on them what you think.

Write about meaningful topics, with which people can relate. But at the same time, what you post should be well researched, and that you respond to others when they comment on what you wrote. This is how LinkedIn enables users to build their name and reputation as a leader in their respective fields.

2. LinkedIn Allows Users to Look for Jobs.

If you frequently check out the open jobs that are listed and the “seek jobs with connections” to see who you know who’s already at the companies you want to consider, then you may be able to find new opportunities you didn’t even know exist.

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3. LinkedIn has extensive job listings.

If you’re looking for work, you can search for your desired job in LinkedIn’s job search engine. Many companies are using LinkedIn to find suitable candidates LinkedIn.

Why we should have a LinkedIn account?

1. To get job alerts.

You can adjust the settings of your LinkedIn to send you job alerts that match your profile for various industries or specific job titles so that you’ll never miss out on an opportunity.

2. To prove your dedication.

When you have a LinkedIn profile and you start looking for new jobs and doing it, shows your dedication to pursuing a career. It shows how you are handling your LinkedIn work along with other works. It also shows that you’re putting in the time and effort required to succeed in your chosen career.

3. Build your professional contacts.

If you are a student and building your professional contacts then sooner or later it’s gonna help you in many ways. As a student, you’ll get exposure in your interested industry which in turn will help you in getting clients.

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4. Build your professional brand.

LinkedIn is a useful platform to start and build your professional brand. This will include what you’re currently studying, what work you have done, what research or work you’re currently undertaking etc. LinkedIn will make it easier when you’re applying for jobs, and can even help companies find you if you have skills that meet their needs.

5. Increases your exposure.

LinkedIn members are people too. They are professionals. Try to connect with LinkedIn members as it can be helpful and ask them questions and share ideas. Observe new trends and how this industry works. LinkedIn is a great network to learn from industry professionals — those at your level and above. To connect and try to interact with the right people, tell them your story and you might see opportunities present themselves.

6. Get recommendations and endorsements.

LinkedIn also offers a feature through which people can recommend you. This gives you an edge over others and helps in building a strong profile. People with a maximum number of recommendations have a high chance of attracting attention.

7. Let companies find you.

A large number of organizations look for talented candidates on social networking platforms. If you have a good, detailed professional profile, chances are high you are going to attract the employer’s attention.

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So, wouldn’t it be great to get and give jobs and get started???

What not to do in LinkedIn?

1. Confusing LinkedIn with Facebook.

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook so be careful what you share. Share informational content, advice, and quotes that boost your professional credentials. It’s all about relevancy.

2. Use the Wrong Photo.

Don’t include your vacation or party photos. Or photos with your family. Add a decent picture of yours with a nice light background.

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3. Ignore LinkedIn Messages.

Everyone in LinkedIn gets many messages and notifications but ignoring them can lead to missing great opportunities.

4. Sending unsolicited DMs.

LinkedIn is not a dating site. Even if you see someone’s headshot and think they’re pretty, do not under any circumstances slide into their DMs until and unless it’s something professional, or related to work.

5. Use emojis in your name.

This trend is very popular on Facebook and Instagram but trust me it’s unprofessional and perplexing, it’s not for LinkedIn.


With more than 756 million users in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, it’s an important place to be there. Whatever you need, whether you’re searching for a full-time job or part-time job, or freelancing, LinkedIn is the platform that will help you in your search. There are so many people on LinkedIn, and just having a profile won’t work. You’ll have to put effort to get noticed by a potential employer.

As said many a time earlier, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform which you can use to find connections and to stay connected with the officials.

To get the best from LinkedIn, these are the few key points.

Step 1. Complete your profile, and get all the stars.

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Step 2. Contact people and connect with them.

Step 3. Start having meaningful conversations.

Step 4. Give and receive recommendations and endorsements, this will build a trustworthy image.

Step 5. Use LinkedIn Groups.

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Step 6. Produce engaging content, posts, etc.

Step 7. Find new hires or clients and new opportunities.

Step 8. Boost your organization’s profile.

Step 9. Observe professional etiquette.

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These things will surely help you.

It’s one of the important platforms which gives you recognition and a voice to build a great career and a great way to stay up to date with industry news, enhance your professional reputation, and increase the visibility of your brand.

So, without any delay, let’s get started for a bright future.
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Article By Dr. Vijeta Sahay.
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