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7 Ways to Find Happiness Every Day

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy. It’s all that matters.” — this saying by Audrey Hepburn holds a lot of relevance and importance in everyone’s life. Finding happiness amidst the most difficult times, giving happiness to others, and most importantly finding happiness in the little things in life. Happiness is a state of mind which we all want to achieve. You do not need one specific day or one special occasion to be happy for happiness does not depend on a condition, you can find it every day. The ways to find happiness is within yourself, you do not need any external factor to be happy in life. Now, let’s look at the 7 unique ways to find happiness every day


1. TAKE OUT TIME TO APPRECIATE – when you appreciate the people around you, when you express your gratitude towards them for their unparalleled contribution, you find happiness within yourself! If you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and follow this way today itself, you will feel the difference! Your life will be filled with optimism and happiness seeing those people happy, seeing a big and beautiful smile on their face. Don’t you feel great when someone appreciates you? So, why not appreciate someone from the deepest corner of your heart?


2.  EXTEND YOUR HELPING HAND – help someone in need, give them support, be it emotional, moral or financial and try to drag them out of their negative condition. When you help, you not only find immense happiness but also a true companion who will help you when you need them. It need not be some kind of help which can put you in complexities, always know your limits and help them within your limitations. A small help from you can create a lot of difference in someone’s life and in your life too! Lend your listening ear, encourage someone and support them when they need you the most!!


3. DO WHAT YOU LIKE – amidst your hectic schedule and monotonous life, take out some time to do whatever you like the most. It can be anything, starting from cooking, painting, singing to watering your beautiful plants in the garden and listening to music. When your mind is relaxed, you feel happiness from within and you get more energy to work hard every day. It is okay to pause your daily works for some time and instead do what you like at your convenient time. Rejuvenation of mind is one of the most vital things. Keep your mental health fit and it will automatically have a positive impact on your physical health.



4. NOTHING CAN BEAT A SMILE – Your bright smile can make someone’s day and when your spread happiness around you, you automatically create a positive aura. Happiness is contagious so spread it as much as you can. Welcome morning with a smile on your face, when you step out, fill yourself with positivity and see how happiness rushes towards you! Nothing, absolutely nothing can beat a smile, not even the most expensive diamond ring or the most beautiful attire. Yes, it is that easy to find happiness!


5. TRY SOMETHING NEW – Perhaps take a new road to your work place instead of the usual one, try a new dish instead of the same food you have every day, wake up early and do some exercises no matter how much you crave to sleep, talk to the new colleague of yours, expand your social life and notice how your happiness expands as well. Hustle harder every day but search for positivity in whatever you choose to do. New things introduce you to your new self and you get to explore your hidden talents more. Getting to know the unknown facts about yourself can be the most interesting thing and the most vital source of happiness. Come out of the comfort zone because you were born to shine and contribute to something unique!


6. DON’T THINK WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK – No matter how much you flourish and try to be happy, some people will criticize you and find faults. Do not pay attention to these criticisms and do what you think is right for you. No one should decide for you because you can take your own decisions. Judgements from the outer world will just increase your negativity, however when you do what you want, you find happiness… so which is better? Most people criticize out of jealousy, out of anger because they cannot work and stay dedicated like you. If you really want, take the road not taken by others and soon you will see the difference it creates in your life!


7. POSITIVE LIFE AND POSITIVE VIBE ARE THE KEYS – not only live your life but cherish it every day. No matter how much others want to curb your positive vibes, you must not deviate from the track that you have chosen for yourself. Spread the positive vibes to others as well so that when they interact with you, they feel motivated and encouraged. Some people can just change our outlook towards life with their positive words, strong vibes and smile and these people can light up the room as soon as they enter with their unique aura. Aim towards being such a person, whom everyone will look up to. Leading a positive life is the actual key to happiness.

Happiness does not lie in your success, in how much money you have, how much influence and power you have. It lies in your humanity, in your behaviour and in the small things around you. We often fail to notice these and run towards achieving success, but what is success without happiness? If success and fame take away your happiness, are you successful at all? Behold a beautiful flower, experience a meaningful conversation, look at the heavenly smile of a baby, help someone in need, bring smile to someone’s lips, aren’t these the primordial sources of happiness?

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