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Unlock and re-discover the Power within you and Become the WOW VERSION OF YOURSELF

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  • Do you want to be influential in relationship?
  • Are you emotionally Self Reliant?
  • Do you have it in you to make a difference?
  • Do you want to break old patterns which stop your personal growth?
  • Do you want to free yourself from anger, guilt , regret and fear?
  • Do you want to release your emotional pain and baggage?
  • Do you want to free yourself from childhood traumas?
  • Do you want to bring amazing and wonderful experiences in your life?

In this webinar you will learn step by step process of 3 power secrets to become wOW (wonder woman)

Please note:-

The seats for this program are limited. Make sure you reserve your seats early and take full benefits of this program.

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Here's what our clients say about my program

Meeting Vijeta is like that I got my hopes to live back. I was just on the verge of breakdown but since past 6 months I have been a totally different person, in a way that I am able to think and see things in a very positive way.. I am loving oneself, I am able to control my anxiety, my emotions and this wasn't possible until I met a guide, mentor like Vijeta.
Vineeta Jain
Bhopal, M.P
Vijeta has been like a guiding Angel for me. Its due to her constant motivation and guidance that today I am independent, wonder women , who is financially and emotionally independent. Thanks my Angel -Vijeta.
Anisha Bhandari
Pune, Maharashtra
I have taken the personalized sessions and theses helped me become a positive person and build my confidence. I always thought and cursed why I have to be tested all times by god , but after understanding the energy concepts I realized all that happens is for your good and God has plans for everyone. Thanks for guiding me.
Swasthi Narayan
The Life transformation sessions (WOW) with Dr. Vijeta has been self discovery journey of self transformation, she is like a guardian angel to me who actually showed me light ,when life seemed to be lost . Approach of seeing life from another angel has helped me sail through the highs and lows and I found my best version filled with confidence and faith . I can't ever thank her enough .
Namita Sharma
New Delhi
Learning with Vijeta has been wonderful, Channelizing my energies and helping me to be productive and effective . My best unexplored side was known to me and it has really helped me grow personally and professionally.
Tanisha Kumar
Vijeta is Amazing human being , she has introduced me to my best self and this transformation and transition has been so smooth that I have been able my balance now and am at peace with myself.
Geetha Singh
dr vijeta sahay cropped

About The Author

Hi, I am your coach and a friend , Dr. Vijeta Sahay. Healing happens at the mind, body, spirit and soul level. As an healer and mentor, we will connect and learn how the energies help us to connect with you at the sub-concious level, and help you attain spiritual, emotional and mental balance in your life Vijeta is compassionate being with strong determination. Her approach towards Life is full of faith & positivity. The thought of influencing the lives of people around embarked the “New Journey”. Connecting with Individuals, understanding them in depth, and being sensitive to their emotions is the core of Vijeta. With her experience she wants to influence and impact the lives of many people around and continue do her bit towards the society and make this world a better place to live in. She practices and believes that meditation is the best way to meet the “You inside you”. A strong believer of “A journey of thousand miles begins with single step …..” and have “Miles to go before I sleep …”

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