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This is for all those who have dreams and want to become an entrepreneur but do not know where to begin…

Here is what people say about the program

The Program is all in one package. It helps you with each an everything you need to know to become a Brand. I was lost always but with the handholding of Vijeta and the course I started taking steps and have built my own Brand online. Reaching new customers and crossing Borders being in India. Quality is appreciated. Vijeta has helped me understand Branding and Value. I am happy and Growing!!

-Prashanth Agarwal

Local Art going Global
Udaipur , Rajasthan

Dreams to turn into reality. I owe to Vijeta for this nice program as this has helped my to think and implement. The Community and handholding sessions are amazing. It pushes you each day . Motivation and momentum is what you need in this journey when you are stepping to start new. We fall , fail , get up and start again . The journey was made easy with friends who are now more than family now .Thank You Dr. Vijeta from bottom of my heart !!

-Neeta Sharma
Educationalist turned Entrepreneur
Freedom Online Coaching Business

Many courses these days are around, but where to begin is what I was lost. I thank God that I came across this course. Niche clarity through coaching than taking it to a level of implementation. Designing it. Guidance on tools that we can use and then we slowly see our dreams getting carved into real. Ideas start taking shape and that’s what is the power of this wonderful community.

-Nirmal Murlidharan
Hotel Owner
Making a difference to each Customer

Discover the step-by-step Process to Make A Global Impact




Book - The Secret Sauce by Dr. Vijeta Sahay

About Me

Hi, I am your coach and a friend ,  Dr. Vijeta Sahay.  I am an HR professional with more than 17 + years of experience and now I am an Entrepreneur.

I turned my passion towards training and coaching into my profession. 

I am here to help you turn your Passion into Profession and make an Impact in the social and digital world. I share my proven 3 step method which helped me to establish and scale up my business.

Along with this you also learn :

Be the first to “Hit”, you get an advantage of being the First.

You become a Brand and leave an Impact of your brand.

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