Become a Global Impact Woman with Dr. Vijeta Sahay

Make an INCOME + IMPACT by doing what you love

“Woman who have Dreams but do not know where to begin , this is for you”

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Discover the step-by-step Process to Become a Global Impact Woman


Work on yourself: Change your mindset
In this you will learn to make an impact woman and have an abundant mindset



Getting Ready :4 P’s (Plan , Prepare , Practice and Perform):
This is the most intense stage where we learn to design and execute the business model converting your Passion or Dream into Profession



Take charge: Hit the target
Inthis you will learn about growth in digital world and the power of networking and community building
Digital is helpingWoman Balance your Work life and still pursue your dreams.




I am Physically challenged women. I grew with inhibitions I am not good enough. Vijeta’s program has helped me live my dreams. I am connecting, understanding the social media. I have started to take up small orders of Cakes, and people are loving it.

Nidhi Patel, Gujrat 

Fruit & Flower Cake Baker


Dreams to turn into reality. I owe to Vijeta for this nice program as this has helped my to think and implement. The Community and handholding sessions are amazing. It pushes you each day . Motivation and momentum is what you need in this journey when you are stepping to start new. We fall , fail , get up and start again . The journey was made easy with friends who are now more than family now .Thank You Dr. Vijeta from bottom of my heart !!

Neeta Sharma 

Educationalist turned Entrepreneur

Freedom Online Coaching Business 

"Changed my (business) life

Each skill you have can be crafted in a business if you are ready to work on the plan, prepare and follow the steps” I remember Vijeta’s words. I am not much educated and only knew how to paint and work with clay. Encouragement and push has been there soo much each day that when we sleep , passion wakes me up and I start again, I complete my orders before time. My work is being liked by outside India customers and I am working day and night now to master my craft more and more.


Housewife turned Global Queen

Clay Art Queen from India 

Sikar , Rajasthan


"A must-have

Never thought I can showcase my dance skills as I am social media shy. I never thought to craft a course around it . Amazing ideas were discussed when I started and now I am training many people outside India and helping them align the Dance and Yoga benefits which keep them fit.
-Vidya Rani Mahesh
Dance , Yoga & Fitness Coach

Dr Vijeta Sahay, career coach and counsellor

Dr. vijeta sahay

Victory coach

Hi, I am your coach and a friend , Dr. Vijeta Sahay. I am an HR professional with more than 17 + years of MNC / corporate experience and now I am an Entrepreneur. I turned my passion towards training and coaching into my profession.

I am here to help you turn your Passion into Profession and make an Impact in the social and digital world. I share my proven 3 step method which helped me to establish and scaleup my business.

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